Head teacher’s uptake of continuous professional development activities in school leadership: a case of school health and reading program in Uganda

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Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Mweru Mwingi

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Nicholas Wachira


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


School improvement largely depends on the quality of school leadership which is also determined by the quality of and sustained professional development of the teaching cadres. School improvement can be possible if teacher participation in leadership is empowered by the leadership skills from the head teacher. In order to ensure school improvement, head teachers need to integrate continuing professional development activities in their school leadership. This study on the head teacher’s uptake of School Health and Reading Program (SHRP) in school leadership was conducted in a public primary school in south-western Uganda to explore how the head teacher integrated SHRP in school leadership. The study employed a qualitative case study design with a purposive sample of ten teachers. Data were collected using semi-structured interviews and document analysis. Data were analysed using thematic analysis where codes were developed to match the data. From the use of different sources of data, study findings revealed that the head teacher used a variety of strategies to implement SHRP. Many of these strategies emphasised high level of collegiality among stakeholders and this eased the process of implementing SHRP in the Kakunyu primary school. Also that the perceptions the head teacher held were of making SHRP part of the school culture with every teacher entitled to take part in the training. Findings further indicated that financial support, individual teachers’ attitude, parental sabotage and time were among the challenges the head teacher experienced in integrating SHRP in school leadership. The study makes recommendations for the school, policy makers and training institutions as well as for further research in the area of teacher professional development with emphasis on influence of government initiated CPD on teacher effectiveness on teaching.

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