Using cooperative learning, to enhance oral skills in preschool children in a preschool in Kilifi County, Kenya: an action research

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Dr. Fortidas Bakuza

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Prof. Marriote Ngwaru


The purpose of this study was to examine how Cooperative Learning (CL) can be used to enhance oral skills in preschool learners. Preschool teachers were to be used as participants. The study adopted a qualitative approach because of its nature and an action research design chosen following my committed to improve my practice. Methods used to collect data included Focus Group Discussions, questionnaires, interviews action plans and field notes. Tools used included a voice recorder which came in handy to record all data that was later transcribed coded and analyzed. The study was done in two cycles. The First cycle was used as a reconnaissance to establish strategies that were used before the introduction of CL strategies. Other methods including an action plan, reflections and observations recorded in the field notes were. Upon reflection the second cycle took up demonstrations of activities that engaged CL strategies followed by incorporation of these strategies in the teaching activities by participants subsequently a questionnaire and an exit interview were used to gauge the learning of the participants. The findings of the study revealed that the participants did not have a concise knowledge of what CL entailed therefore making its implementation different. The findings also suggested that prior to the intervention participants used other strategies that were not as successful in enhancing oral skills to preschool children. The study also revealed hindrances that made participants not to use CL strategies, therefore implied that inasmuch as the participants wished to use CL methods they could not do so due to limited time, nature of children, lack parental support and lack of motivation. Lastly, recommendations were made to different stake holders like incorporating CL in the teacher preparedness. Further research was suggested to look into ideas for CL activities suited for in Preschool.

Key words: Cooperative learning, oral skills, and preschool

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