Exploration of teachers practices in implementation of competence based curriculum in teaching English language; a case of Nachingwea district.

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Ms.Mary Oluga

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Fortidas Bakuza


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


This study explored the teacher’s practices in implementing Competence-Based Curriculum during teaching the English language in a public primary school. The study focused on the strategies the teacher used in implementing Competence-Based Curriculum in teaching English, teacher's understanding of Competence Based Curriculum, and the challenges the teacher face while teaching English language using Competence Based Curriculum, the study examined the strategies the teacher used to address the challenges encountered during implementing Competence- Based Curriculum. The respondent in this study was a teacher of English language in standard three. This allowed this study to gather in-depth understanding of how Competence- Based Curriculum was employed in English language teaching. The methods used were interview with the teacher of English, documents analysis including curriculum, syllabus, scheme of work, lesson plans, text books and pupils excise books. The classroom observation involved the teacher, the pupils and classroom environment. Data collections were through interview schedules, review of documents, and classroom observation schedules. The findings revealed that the teacher's understanding of Competence-Based Curriculum was somewhat inadequate. In addition, the documents reviewed lack some of the qualities that reflect Competence-Based Curriculum. From classroom observation it emerged challenges of large numbers of students’ in the classroom, and inadequate resources reduced teacher’s opportunity to implement Competence-Based Curriculum and build interactive sessions. From the findings, the implementation of Competence-Based Curriculum for the observed class was ineffective. In view of these findings it is suggested that, the ministry and other education official’s should strengthen the courses provided in teacher colleges, prepare and send enough teaching and learning materials to schools and meanwhile teachers' should continue conducting peer coaching with the aim of helping each other to address some of the challenges they face during implementing Competence-Based Curriculum in teaching English language.

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