Utilization of multimodality in the teaching and learning of poetry-a case of a public school in Taita-Taveta County, Kenya

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Veronica Sarungi

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Prof. Marriote Ngwaru


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Poetry is an integral part in teaching and learning of English in Kenya and so the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MoEST) has integrated poetry into the English syllabus. Multimodality has been seen to improve the understanding of poetry hence the present study was concerned with exploring how multimodality in teaching and learning of poetry was being utilized. The rationale was based on the view that the use of a variety of modes in teaching and learning of poetry makes it easier to be understood and analyzed. The literature review focused on the importance of poetry, the challenges faced by teachers and students on poetry and finally on multimodality in poetry teaching and learning. This was a case study that was conducted in one public secondary school. Data was collected using questionnaire, face- to- face semi-structured interview guides and classroom observation schedules that were administered by the researcher in person. Obtained data were analyzed systematically in a descriptive way. Findings revealed that teachers were utilizing multiple strategies in poetry teaching and learning with reading aloud as a strategy that was common used. Other strategies used in poetry lessons were recitation, singing and dramatization but the poem recited or sang were not the same with the one being analyzed. Finding of the study were that both teachers and students perceived poetry as important and enjoyable. Challenges identified included lack of teaching and learning resources and time allocation for poetry lessons. Recommendations of the study are that various interlinked approaches should be used when analyzing a poem. The study also recommends resources in poetry to be available including formats. Another recommendation is that curriculum planners should specify dedicated time for poetry in order to promote multimodality in teaching and learning of poetry.

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