A study of the role of principal in promoting team learning in school development

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Team learning is a relatively new concept in the context of school development. Hence various stakeholders have different perceptions about it. For the purpose of this study the role of the principal in promoting team learning in private school system was focused and analyzed with respect to school development. Within the qualitative paradigm a case study method was used as a viable research methodology. In order to gather relevant information semi-structured interviews, informal talks, observations and document analyses were used. The framework of my study was basically drawn from Senge's (1990) work, which includes systems thinking, personal mastery, shared vision, mental models and team learning. The study is based on one of the five disciplines of an organization learning namely team learning'. The findings suggest that there is an initial level of understanding about team learning. However, the practice of the principal and other team members of the school is influenced by the alternate frameworks that have been developed by them. The study also alludes to various academic, supportive and administrative roles of the principal, which can be tied together with the notion of team learning. It also indicates that there is the possibility of implementation of team learning in its true sense, as there is the willingness of principal and other stakeholders to implement it. The study recommends that there is a need for creating further awareness of these ideas and helping principal and teachers to adapt new innovations.

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