Application of multimodal pedagogical approach in developing literacy at lower primary: Action research

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Ms. Mary Anyango Oluga

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Ms. Mary Anyango Oluga


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Literacy development at lower primary demands diversity in communication if learners are to successfully navigate its landscape. In this study, we sought to understand how multimodal pedagogy can be applied at lower primary for literacy development in Uganda and the benefits and challenges involved in using the pedagogy. To support the study a review of literature on the value and challenge of, as well as studies related to, multimodal leaning, literacy development, classroom practices and communication in Uganda and the sub Saharan Africa as a whole was done. The methodology that informed the study was a qualitative participatory action research design which used document analysis, interviews and observation to collect data. Findings from the study point to an acceptable level of quantitative success of multimodal leaning, however, is not matched by a quantitative use of the modalities for literacy development at lower primary. Basing on findings I recommend continuous professional development programmes for in-service teaches to ensure they are reflective of the current pedagogies; as well as the need for need for curriculum developers and teacher trainer to take note of the communication landscape in classroom discourses.

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