The impact of distributed leadership on tutor, administrator relationship in primary teachers college in west Nile region in Uganda

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Dr. Joyce Ndalichako

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Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of distributed leadership on tutor administrator relationship in Primary teachers college in West Nile region in Uganda. Distributed leadership is widely accepted as a way of improving Public leadership in the institutions of learning. Studies revealed that distributed leadership influence Tutor administrator relationship in Primary teachers colleges. The research used qualitative approach involving 10 participants in the study focusing on Primary teacher’s college staff where distributed leadership is practiced. The findings of the outcome revealed that, positive relationship existed between the Tutors and the administrators who practice distributed leadership and effective commitment. Tutors showed a greater commitment to their colleges when leadership is shared among all stakeholders, especially tutors. Distributed leadership is found to be a formal practice well structured and formalised although a handful of some of the practices does not fall in the hierarchy of leadership structures established but exists according to the interest of the Principal. The study revealed that the following practices in distributed leadership influence Tutor, administrator relationship. These include Guidance and counselling, delegation, openness on institutional issues, assigning duties and roles to the staff; plays a significant role in establishing good relationship in the practice of distributed leadership. The tutors and the administrators agreed that distributed leadership requires concerted effort, Consensuality, and joint decision making for the success of the institution. The study concluded that there should be concerted effort to encourage a strong tutor, administrator relationship to realise effective distributed leadership in the colleges.

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