The need for teachers' to adopt different strategies in order to include children with behavioral programmes more effectively

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The purpose of this study was to help the participant teacher to include children with behavioral problems more effectively in mainstream classroom. Children with behavioral problems are the most neglected children and always labeled as distractors in the school as well as at home. Furthermore there is a need to make teachers aware that improving students' behavior is also part of their responsibility, it is not only the duty of the parents. The underlying assumptions about the study were that most of the teachers are unaware of the importance of teaching strategies; due to this teachers are unable to include children with behavioral problems more effectively in their classroom. Teaching strategies will help teachers to make teaching and learning enjoyable for all children and deal with behavioral problems in the classroom. I adopted an action research approach within the qualitative research paradigm for conducting the study. The rationale behind selecting these approaches was that I wanted to learn from my own experience and from the real context, which was a school. Although the focus of study was helping a teacher to adopt different strategies to include children with behavioral problems more effectively in the classroom, other issues emerged which I had not originally intended to study, but which proved to be a prerequisite for a teacher's learning and using strategies in the class. These issues included the degree of openness of a teacher to improve her attitude towards teaching and her ability to engage in a reflective research process with the researcher.

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