Enhancement on science teachers' pedagogical content knowledge

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Pedagogical content knowledge (Shulman 1986, 1987) is a knowledge base for teachers to learn to teach subject matter knowledge effectively. Gaining depth in pedagogical content knowledge leads teachers to the three perspective areas of teacher development that is, personal, social, and professional. Teacher development could take place more effectively through collaborative actions. A collaborative action research strategy under the qualitative research paradigm was undertaken to explore the ways to enhance the science teachers' pedagogical content knowledge. In order to gain understanding in depth of teachers' existing teaching practices, and to explore the possible ways of enhancement of pedagogical content knowledge following tools of data collection were used: field notes, semi-structured interviews, reflections of teachers and audiotape recordings of post conferences. In this study two teachers were involved, one from the primary and one from the lower secondary including myself. The study has revealed encouraging and promising insights of teachers' enhancement of pedagogical content knowledge and teacher development. The collaborative actions helped the teachers to reflect critically upon their teaching practices in order to teach subject matter more effectively. It helped the teachers to look more critically at the processes of students' learning of science, curriculum development, and knowledge of the environment. The study shared some key areas for teachers to enhance their ways of learning. This study illustrates that teachers can become teacher researchers if they are given support and opportunities at their workplaces.

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