Investigating teacher educators’ application of active teaching and learning: a case of Belgian - teacher training education project at a national teachers’college in Arua, West Nile-Uganda

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Veronica Sarungi

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Ms. Mary Anyango Oluga


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


The purpose of this study was to investigate teacher educators’ application of active teaching and learning in initial teacher preparation in one NTC in Uganda. It explored how teacher educators perceived ATL, the strategies they used for engaging learners in teaching and learning and the facilitating factors and challenges as teacher educators were applying ATL. The study employed a qualitative case study with multiple data gathering methods, namely, In-depth structured face-face interview, FGD, lesson observation and document analysis with academic staff and student teachers. Purposive sampling procedure was used to select seven academic staff, one BTC staff, one library staff and 10 year two pre-service teachers as the research participants. Data collected from the participants was transcribed verbatim and later on developed into codes and themes from which meaning was derived and report developed. The findings of the study indicated that teacher educators had clear understanding of ATL. Secondly they have embraced the use of ATL in classroom. Their pedagogical practices have greatly improved as they now engage learners using a variety of strategies, meaningful formative assessment and are integrating ICT in teaching and learning. However, the efforts of teacher educators are being frustrated by a number of challenges like inadequate teaching learning resources, lack of ICT skills, poor staff motivation as a result of low salary and general poor working conditions. It is recommended that the government should reform teacher education curriculum, invest heavily in human resource and strengthen institutionalized CPD for sustainability of the gains achieved under BTC-TTE Project.

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