Utilizing play in developing learning of numeracy skills in pre primary children in Nachingwea district, Lindi region

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Mary Oluga

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Mussa Mohamed


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Using play in enhancing learning for pre primary children is among the major technique in teaching and learning process in early years. Children‘s understanding is enhanced through play where their way of thinking and seeing things become more active. This turns out to be more meaningful when play is utilized to develop numeracy skills in children because they develop concept of numbers, competency in various skills including mastery of mathematics. On the other hand, the findings indicate that the use of play has become a challenge in Nachingwea Preschools due to teachers’ inability to use play in their teaching practices. This study employed an Action Research in a pre primary class to examine the utilizing of play in developing learning of numeracy skills in preprimary children in Nachingwea District, Lindi Region. Data collection methods included one on one interview, document analysis and classroom observations. The researcher maintained a participant observer stance The findings reveal that it is important for preschool teachers to engage children in learning through play and provide opportunities to interact with numerical materials, which will develop numeracy skills as they play. Therefore the preprimary teachers are to prepare lessons that will use learning and accommodate children’s readiness to learn and play. The study recommendations and implications pointed on the significance of teachers to attend teacher professional development trainings and workshops which will improve their teaching practices generally and specifically on using play with the support of relevant materials in their classrooms. The recommendations include the need for the Government and Early Childhood practitioners to provide the necessary support and programs which will advance preschool teachers’ knowledge and ability on utilizing play in pre primary classes.

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