Women teachers as professional learners in the interior of Sindh

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This study aimed to explore the professional learning of women teachers in the Interior of Sindh. In addition it set out to explore the challenges faced by women teachers and the possibilities to grow and learn in their workplace. Qualitative research design and methodology were used to collect data. The main instrument was the open-ended interview, which provided rich data. Some of it was revealing to me though I have spent a lifetime in that context. The main themes that have emerged in the literature review were: Adult learning theories, gender and education and teachers workplace learning. The results of the research indicated that some of the findings relate well with the contemporary literature, some do not fully agree with it mainly due to contextual differences. The findings of the study could open new avenues for further research. The Department of Education and policy makers could gain insights when making provisions for women's professional learning in the context of the Interior of Sindh. The array of possibilities mentioned clearly show that teachers' workplace learning with follow up and support is a promising new development that could clear up the clouds engulfing the lives of women teacher and emerge as the silver lining behind every cloud, with a promise of a new tomorrow.

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