Investigating parental involvement in their childrens education in a government aided secondary school in Maracha Uganda

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Mary Oluga

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Joachim Tamba


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


The concept of parental involvement in their children‟s education has been core in enhancing students‟ academic performance and life in general regardless of their socio economic background. Families provide the base upon which the learners are supported in their social, moral, financial, psychological and academic growth which ushers them into great achievements. This study therefore aimed at investigating parental involvement in their children‟s education in a rural secondary school where most parents are of low socio economic status, and how they offer their support both at school and at home. Based on the context of the study, we should acknowledge that the socio economic status of the parents plays a big role in the nature of their involvement in the education of their children although some few exceptional cases cannot be completely ruled out. The study employed a qualitative approach and case study design to collect descriptive data from the research participants on the kind of support the parents render to their children at school and at home to support their children‟s education. The study reveals that in spite of the efforts undertaken to engage the parents, the socio economic background of parents pause a big challenge. Therefore there is need for the schools and teachers to device ways of communications and other means to get parents fully involved in their children‟s education if students‟ academic achievements need to be stepped up.

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