Examining the integration of information and communication technology by chemistry teachers in Ndhiwa Sub-County, Kenya

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Fredrick Mtenzi

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Veronica Sarungi


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can transform teaching and learning. It can improve collaborative learning, creative and critical thinking, active learning environment, and transform the classroom into a learner-centred environment for active knowledge acquisition and deepening of understanding. However, the pace of integrating ICT in education has been relatively slow compared to other sectors such as banking and financial services. This study explored how chemistry teachers integrate ICT in teaching and learning in Ndhiwa Sub-County, Kenya using a mixed-methods research design. In phase one data on ICT implementation strategies, learning activities, and challenges teachers faced while integrating ICT in education were collected by surveying 35 practicing chemistry teachers. Phase two data was obtained through semi-structured interviews with two purposeful sampled teachers for a detailed understanding of how teachers used the identified strategies to integrate ICT in education. Analysis of the data from this study showed that chemistry teachers integrated ICT in education mostly through teacher-centred approaches to enhance their traditional approaches. The use of the Internet to search curriculum resources to be used during the lessons and ICTs such as projector connected to the computer were common strategies employed by the teachers. The study also found that inadequate ICT infrastructure and resources and inadequate ICT skills hindered the effective integration of ICT in education. The study recommends that ICT infrastructure in the schools should be improved for the effective engagement of the students with the ICTs through public-private partnerships. Training of the teachers on ICT integration should also be carried out within the school contexts for in-service teachers so that teachers may learn technology while using them in the actual teaching and learning environment.

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