Investigating the role that multimodal pedagogy can play in improving the teaching and learning of english language in a resource constrained rural Kenyan public secondary school: action research.

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Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Samuel Andema

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Abdalla Mohamed


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Resource constrained rural public schools in Kenya still make use of discourses and pedagogies that are traditional and teacher centered, and not factoring in learner participation in the learning process. This leads to students’ minimal performance. These classroom practices become a hindrance for the learners to develop their higher order thinking abilities. Language and literacy teaching and learning requires pedagogical variety for learners to make meaning. Using observation, interview, focus group discussion and reflection notes, this Participatory Action Research, through intervention sought to understand the role that multimodal pedagogy can play in improving the teaching of English in a form three class. The challenges that the teachers and the learners encountered through the use of multimodal pedagogy and how they overcame them. Findings from the study points out learning improvement as a result of the role of multimodal pedagogy. These results confirm that multimodal approaches aided in: increasing learner engagement and participation, promoting collaboration and team work in learners, promoting collaboration and team work in teachers, and reducing teacher centeredness in learning. Which implies therefore, that, there is need for teachers to make learners active in the learning process through the use of these approaches. The challenges encountered included time for preparation and execution of the lessons, lack of scholastic materials, and some learners not participating in the learning activities. These were overcome by planning activities according to the duration of the lesson and sharing the available resources. My recommendation from the findings is that teachers be prepared and encouraged to use learner centered approach methods of teaching and learning.

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