Exploring teachers’ pedagogical practices in delivering early childhood curriculum content in the classroom

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Mary Oluga

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Dr. Fortidas Bakuza


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Teachers’ pedagogical practices are potential in improving teaching and learning outcomes. In the early years, one of the factors leading to proper child development and learning is the pedagogical practices used during child’s school life. Pre-primary education is a crucial stage where a child’s personality, physical, talents and mental ability are identified and developed; therefore teachers have to put in place relevant pedagogical practices. The purpose of the study was to explore the types of pedagogical practices used by teachers in delivering the curriculum content in the preprimary classrooms. Understanding the reasons why teachers use particular teaching practices helps to reveal the nature of the respective learning outcomes, and to make possible suggestions for the kind of support the teachers need. The study used case study design where it explored teachers’ pedagogical practices in delivering early childhood curriculum content in the classroom in Nachingwea district, Lindi region. Data was collected through classroom observation, interviews and document analysis. The findings revealed that, teachers understand the kinds of pedagogical practices to be employed with pre-primary children. However, there are challenges and factors that hinder their ability to implement the required practices. The most dominant challenge is the class size that also exacerbates the effect of other challenges such as shortage of resources, and teachers with poor soft skills to children. The study makes recommendations to the policy makers and curriculum developers, non-government organizations, community and parents/ guardians and administrative system at school on support to the teachers in order to provide quality learning in pre –primary level of school.

Key words: Early childhood education, Teachers’ pedagogical practices, Early childhood Curriculum, Education policy, Assessment, Instructional strategies, Organization of learning environment, Paraprofessional, Children learning competencies.

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