Teaching social studies as an integrated subject

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


In this study, I have explored how Maria, an experienced teacher of Social Studies, taught Social Studies as an integrated subject. Though there are some limitations such as school policy, time, and textbook which do not allow teachers to incorporate new approaches in teaching and learning of Social Studies; some new ways of teaching Social Studies as an integrated subject were employed. This study employed collaborative action research to integrate the teaching of Social Studies as an integrated subject. It was found that during the planning phase careful selection of topics and thoughtful planning of instructional activities through a unit plan needs to be provided to the teacher. In addition, the study examined the implementation process of a unit plan in a Social Studies classroom and developed a better understanding of how to teach in an integrative way by reflecting on classroom practices. This reflective component allowed Maria and me to see the development of teaching and learning processes in Social Studies. The findings from the data shows the importance of understanding the connection of different disciplines with different perspectives by looking at different strategies, which teachers can apply in the Social Studies classroom. The study gives recommendations to teachers of Social Studies and school management to promote the teaching Social Studies as an integrated subject.

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