Improving classroom practice through curriculum enrichment

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


In this study I have researched the curriculum enrichment process. By enriching the curriculum I mean enhancing, deepening, improving and developing not only the syllabus but also other phases of curriculum objectives, like the teaching methodology, and the development of resources. Enriching the curriculum is a never-ending process; during the process I reflected critically on the implementation of the curriculum. The process progresses from evaluating the existing teaching practice in the classroom, to designing an effective teaching, to implementing new teaching practices and back to evaluating the revised teaching practice. I worked with one teacher from a government school in Karachi, Pakistan. My work experience has been in the government sector schools, so I believed it would be better if my personal experiences were included in developing the education system. If I enhanced my studies through research in enriching the curriculum in the government school, I would be able to develop my own context, as the focus of my research is the process of curriculum enrichment and its effects on teachers' classroom practice. Another reason for selecting a government school was that government sector teachers have been teaching mathematics using the traditional methods. Also the existing system of the assessment in schools is product-oriented examinations. Teachers have to complete the syllabus irrespective of whether they comprehend the content. On the basis of my experience as a teacher and teacher educator, I realized that teaching mathematics effectively in the classroom has been neglected, therefore mathematics curriculum needs to be enriched in such a way that students understand the problem, take interest, and solve it cognitively, not by rote memorizing. The data is qualitative in nature. I used observations of classroom teaching learning process, semi structured interviews, and pre and post conferences with the teacher. My research findings show the curriculum enrichment is a complicated interconnected process. It has a positive effect on the teacher's classroom practice. The findings also reveal significant factors, which act as barriers to curriculum enrichment factors.

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