The role of Professional Development teachers (PDT) in whole school development programme

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Recently, the majority of literature on school effectiveness and school improvement, has tend to focus on whole school issues and whole school approaches to improve students' outcomes. The idea of whole school improvement approach was emerged after long time researches on the reasons of failure of different school improvement projects that worked in piecemeal, and in fragmented approaches to school reform. Meanwhile, researchers continue to pursue better understandings of how, whole school improvement can be achieved in order to foster the improvement of schools as per the students, outcomes. Reflecting on these international efforts, it is surprisingly that little is known about how external facilitators facilitate play a major role and use activities when working with schools, what challenges they face and which strategies they use. This research study explored, complexity of the role of professional development teachers (as external facilitators) by presenting case study of the role of PDTs in the whole school improvement programme, in the northern area Pakistan. This research paper describes the strategies and activities used by PDTs when working with the schools. Further, this research study discusses some outcomes of the work of PDTs after one year of intervention. Furthermore, this research study identified some of the factors that restricted or supported the role of the PDTs in both government and community school context. Lastly, there are suggestions and recommendations, which needs to be worked on, for the improvement, of the work of PDTs in facilitating the whole school improvement programme. Though the research conducted on the northern area of Pakistan, the findings are mostly applicable to the context of the developing countries. The contextual realities such as lack of resources, unavailability of fund and cultural barriers are few factors affecting the school improvement program, throughout the developing countries.

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