Enhancing teacher's classroom practice through Teachers' Resource Centres (TRC)

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Of late, there have been different arguments for and against short-term professional development courses. These short professional development courses are being conducted using different models or approaches for teacher professional development. One of these models is through Teachers' Resource Centres (TRCs). This is a study of a Teacher Resource Centre in Karachi. The purpose of the research was to study the link between the TRC training programmes and the teacher's classroom practice. It also aimed to identify issues related to implementation of what is acquired at the TRC, and also issues of sustainability of the TRC and its training programmes. The TRC and its three project schools, which were categorised under school-focused approach, school-based approach and Individual-based approach, were fully involved in the study. The data was collected through interviews, document analysis and observations. The respondents were 2 teachers from each school involved in the study and 3 facilitators from TRC. Therefore, based on the data collected, I was able to analyse the actual situation related to TRC training programmes and teachers actual classroom practice. The data highlights what the TRC is doing to promote teacher professional development, and how it is used as a forum for teachers to meet and discuss matters related to classroom practice. The study also discusses the actual happening in the classroom after teachers have undergone the TRC training programmes. Lastly, the study puts forth some suggestions and recommendations as to what could be done in order to make the TRC training programmes effective and whether to invest in TRCs.

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