A study of the role perception of Professional Development Teachers (PDT)

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The Institute for Educational Development has been a catalyst in introducing new perspectives, particularly, in the in-service teacher education. It is conducting several professional development programs and the M. Ed., in teacher education, is one of them. The IED's M. Ed. graduates are called Professional Development Teachers (PDTs). As per agreement with their management, the PDTs work with the IED and spend 50% of their time on the professional development of teachers through the Visiting Teachers (VT) programs. For the remaining 50% of their time, they work in their schools on school improvement and effectiveness. This study focuses on understanding the PDTs' role and to identify the challenges of their performance in the schools/IED. In order to understand the challenges related to the PDTs' role, a qualitative study was conducted with a group PDTs and other stakeholders. In order to gather relevant information, the research instruments including interviews, observation, document analysis were used. Attempt was made to deal with the issues such as validity, reliability, objectivity, and generalizibility. The study suggests that the PDTs' role performance was affected by some factors such as role overload, role ambiguity, role duality, and system's preference for new models of teacher education. The study has suggested that the PDTs have significantly contributed to the professional development of teachers at the IED, which has an ultimate impact on school improvement. Finally, the study proposes some recommendations related to IED and schools, which may enhance the understanding about the role of PDTs.

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