Exploring the possibilities of using poetry for enhancing language development of secondary school students

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This small-scale action research explored the possibilities of using poetry for teaching English as second language. The study was based on the rationale that literature can be used as a resource for enhancing language development of students in our context. The assumptions were that poetry would stimulate students' interest and would create opportunities of using and learning language. The study was conducted in a secondary classroom of a private English medium school in Karachi, Pakistan. The action research studied the existing teaching practices of English language as well as the problems faced by teachers and students in teaching and learning English and students' language needs. The action was implemented in two cycles consisting of reconnaissance, planning, implementation, and reflection. Planning and implementation was in response to emerging needs and issues from each action. The data was collected through interviews, discussions with teacher and students and was analyzed after each reflection and action. The study reports some possible strategies of teaching poetry for language development. It also discusses some key findings such as that students' interest in poetry can be stimulated by providing relevant and appropriate poems and by enabling students to articulate their own understandings. Furthermore, it provides multiple opportunities to the students for enhance their language skills and meaningful contexts for using the language. The study concludes by presenting my key learning as a teacher, teacher educator and an action researcher. It ends by suggesting some recommendations for schools and further research.

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