Patients and caregivers experience and perceptions of living with Hepatitis C in Karachi, Pakistan

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Master of Science in Nursing (MScN)


School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


This study presents the details of a descriptive exploratory study conducted in Karachi, on patients and caregivers experiences of living with hepatitis C. The study sample consisted of 10 patients and eight caregivers who were recruited through snow ball sampling. Data were collected by taking semi structured interviews from the participants. The findings revealed that hepatitis C impacted not only the individual patients but also their family members. Three main categories of data i.e. perceptions and misperceptions of the patients and caregivers about hepatitis C, their challenges and sufferings, and the blessings with shortcomings experienced in their trajectory were identified which were reflective of one key theme that is, 'deadly, dangerous, and devastating'. The study findings indicated that misperceptions among participants about hepatitis C and the disease itself influence the physical, financial, emotional and social domains of patients and the caregivers. In addition, the analysis revealed that caregivers seemed to fulfill a major component of care. A detailed analysis of the data revealed although family members and health care professionals were supportive, some shortcoming in their envisaged roles were also noted. This study has implications for the health care professionals and the overall society. It calls for the implementation of hepatitis C related health education sessions and availability of social support which may lessen the patients and the caregivers suffering in hepatitis C.

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