Patient expectation and perception of outpatient quality health care services at tertiary level hospital in Karachi

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Master of Science in Health Policy & Management (MSc Health Policy & Mgmt)


Community Health Sciences


Quality as defined by Juran is fitness for use, leading to consumer satisfaction. The significance of Quality in health care organization has increased in recent years due to increasing specialization, complexity of treatment, increasing cost of medical equipment and involvement of different people in health care delivery process. This cross sectional study attempts to find out the potential domains associated with quality services delivery. Structured questionnaire and in depth interviews of other stakeholders were conducted at tertiary level hospital. The present study has assessed the quality health services provided at tertiary level hospital in Karachi. The conventional model of health service assessment was used along with the non-conventional component. Overall there is insignificant difference between the expectation and perception of the population providing enough evidence that expectation of the population regarding their treatment is being met with. This fact establishes that there are no gaps between expectations and perceptions. However, the overall results don't provide the clear picture of service quality. There are clear differences in each item of five domains if analyzed individually. The non-conventional system proposed by the researcher presents complete picture of the services provided. These areas thus identified provide an avenue for strengthening the services furthermore. The study proposes the extension of conventional model and provides basis for the inclusion of non-conventional domains.

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