Cardiovascular health and disease in the Pakistani American population

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Review Article


Office of the Provost; Cardiology


Purpose of review: This narrative review seeks to elucidate clinical and social factors influencing cardiovascular health, explore the challenges and potential solutions for enhancing cardiovascular health, and identify areas where further research is needed to better understand cardiovascular issues in native and American Pakistani populations.
Recent findings: The prevalence of cardiometabolic disease is high not only in Pakistan but also among its global diaspora. This situation is further complicated by the inadequacy of current cardiovascular risk assessment tools, which often fall short of accurately gauging the risk among Pakistani individuals, underscoring the urgent need for more tailored and effective assessment methodologies. Moreover, social determinants play a crucial role in shaping cardiovascular health. The burden of cardiovascular disease and upstream risk factors is high among American Pakistani individuals. Future research is needed to better understand the heightened risk of cardiovascular disease among Pakistani individuals.


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Current Atherosclerosis Reports