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Professional Development Centre, Gilgit


The study sets out to answer the question, “How and to what extent has Whole School Improvement Program influenced the teachers to shift from lecture to activity based teaching and learning processes in the project schools in Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan? The study was conducted in two Whole School Improvement Programme (WSIP) project schools in district Gilgit from public and private education sector of Pakistan. A case study approach was used in qualitative paradigm and Context, Input, Process and Product model was used in data collection and analysis to evaluate the input given by Professional Development Teachers (PDTs) and outcomes of the program. Two head teachers, ten teachers, twelve students participated from both sample schools in the study. The focus was on one of the areas from the WSIP model: “quality of teaching and learning”. The study revealed that many positive changes have occurred in the domain of teaching/learning as a result of Whole School Improvement Programme. These include teachers planning lessons with clear objectives and activities, and they were reflecting on their executed lessons to find strengths, weaknesses and alternatives to overcome them. They were applying activity based teaching in a conducive learning environment by involving students in teaching and learning. They were also enriching the curriculum by using low-cost, no-cost and existing resources in their schools to develop students’ relational understanding and for student-centred teaching. Head teachers of schools were supportive in using activity based teaching. As a result of these practices teachers and students changed their behaviour towards teaching and learning process and enforced participative approaches in classroom teaching. The study also revealed that there were factors which supported or hindered the transition from lecture to activity based teaching and in both sample schools. Besides these factors changes were noted in the practices of head teachers, teachers and students in teaching and learning practices in favour of activity based teaching.

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International Journal of Social Science and Education