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Professional Development Centre, Gilgit


This study explored the perspectives and viewpoints of the teachers and students in relation to the influence of the head teacher and senior leadership team on students’ behavior management in the form of policies, procedures and support mechanisms in a secondary school in Karachi Pakistan. Two surveys were developed and employed, one for the entire teaching staff (N=43) and one for a sample of students (n=120). The majority of teachers (97%) and students (83%) reported that school leadership influences students’ behavior management through policies and procedures. A large number of the teachers are of the view that sharing of personal experiences by the school leadership, supporting their staff members, and the leader’s visibility in the school context helps them in understanding and coping with the behavioral issues of the students. The majority of the teachers (95%) and students (86%) feel that school leadership influences students’ behavior management through providing awards to the students for good behavior rather than consequences for misbehavior. Awards are considered as a positive means of influence as compared to consequences. The sports activities and club activities were ranked as the favorite positive support systems by the students as well as by the teachers.

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International Journal of Whole Schooling