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Professional Development Centre, Gilgit


This research reports a study conducted in Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan. The purpose of the study is to explore the CELM experiences of a government school head teacher. A qualitative case study method was used to investigate the subject matter. The participant was selected on the basis of pre-determined criteria that s/he has participated in the whole intervention programme, and completed all the mandatory tasks assigned during the whole intervention period. The findings of the study showed that CELM intervention has been instrumental in bringing about a significant effect on the professional approaches of the head teacher. On one hand he has enriched his professional attitude while on the other hand he is more sensitized towards students’ developmental needs and school development activities. He has initiated various programmes related to community participation, team building and encouraging teachers. Apart from his personal professional growth by acquiring various skills, he has brought about visible changes in school premises. They include initiation of portfolios, creation of learning environment in the classrooms to maximize students’ participation and introduction of new assessment procedures. Since the role of head teacher is directly associated with all the stakeholders of a school community, and success of any initiation depends upon active involvement of head teacher, therefore the study recommends that this aspect must be given extra attention to further strengthen the timely needed capabilities of head teachers. This ultimately can feat students’ performance through developed head teacher’s approaches for effective involvement of all the stakeholders in school improvement matters.

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International Journal of Social Sciences and Education