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Professional Development Centre, Gilgit


Assessment is a critical aspect of teaching and learning process which aim at collecting, interpreting and analyzing the regarding students’ performance. The quality of learning is determined by the quality of assessment practices in the classroom. There are many purposes of assessment that focus on the different dimensions of educational development, however, the most dominant purposes of assessment are improving students’ learning and develop accountability measures for learning at classroom and school levels. For effective assessment, using appropriate assessment strategies is significant. There are number of that can be employed to enhance students’ learning outcome but teacher rely on only a few strategies which alone cannot promote meaningful learning. Therefore, a clear understanding andskills of using a variety of assessment strategies for learning is pivotal in classroom. It is fundamental teachers to understand the relationship between assessment and learning. Moreover, students need be engaged in their own learning in a challenging but enabling environment. The assessment practices and strategies must encourage developing linkage of theory and real life. Assessment is meant to contribute in students learning and thus need to be integrated in daily teaching and learning process in the classroom.

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International Journal of Social Sciences and Education