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Background: This study aimed to measure the effect of diabetes education using the novel method of "diabetes conversation map (DCM)" as compared to routine counselling (RC) on diabetes management self-efficacy (DMSE) among patients living with type 2 diabetes in Karachi, Pakistan.
Methods: A parallel arm randomized controlled trial among patients with type 2 diabetes aged 30-60 years, with HbA1c > 7%, diagnosed for at least 5 yrs., was conducted at the national institute of diabetes and endocrinology in Karachi, Pakistan. A total 123 type 2 diabetes patients were randomized into DCM (n = 62) or RC (n = 61). Four weekly diabetes control sessions of 40 min each using the DCM or RC was provided. DMSE was measured using a validated Urdu language DMSE tool at baseline and after three months of the randomization. Change in DMSE and HbA1c levels within groups (pre-post) and between the groups after 3 months of enrollment was compared.
Results: Baseline characteristics except HbA1c were similar between the two arms. After 3 months of enrollment, there was no change in the DMSE score in the RC arm however, significant increase in DMSE score was noted in the DCM arm (P = < 0.001). The average difference (95% confidence interval) in DMSE score between the DCM and RC arm was 33.7(27.3, 40.0; p = < 0.001) after 3 months of the enrollment. Difference in HbA1c within groups was not significant.
Conclusions: DCM significantly improved DMSE among type 2 diabetes patients in a developing country setting like Pakistan. Healthcare workers caring for type 2 diabetes patients need to be trained on DCM to effectively utilize this novel tool for educating diabetes patients.
Trial registration: This trial was prospectively registered. Identifier: NCT03747471. Date of registration: Nov 20. 2018.


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