Deep learning for visual recognition of environmental enteropathy and celiac disease

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Conference Paper


Paediatrics and Child Health; Women and Child Health


Physicians use biopsies to distinguish between different but histologically similar enteropathies. The range of syndromes and pathologies that could cause different gastrointestinal conditions makes this a difficult problem. Recently, deep learning has been used successfully in helping diagnose cancerous tissues in histopathological images. These successes motivated the research presented in this paper, which describes a deep learning approach that distinguishes between Celiac Disease (CD) and Environmental Enteropathy (EE) and normal tissue from digitized duodenal biopsies. Experimental results show accuracies of over 90% for this approach. We also look into interpreting the neural network model using Gradient-weighted Class Activation Mappings and filter activations on input images to understand the visual explanations for the decisions made by the model.


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IEEE EMBS International Conference on Biomedical & Health Informatics (BHI)