Congenital vallecular cyst: A case report of rare cause of upper air way obstruction in infant

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Case Report


Paediatrics and Child Health


Congenital vallecular cyst is one of the rare etiologies of upper airway obstruction. Due to the scarcity of literature review, the exact incidence is not known. We report the case of a 10-month-old infant, who came to to Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) for the first time with signs of upper airway obstruction; was initially misdiagnosed as foreign body aspiration for which an emergency bronchoscopy was performed that did not reveal any foreign body. The patient was then managed in the pediatric intensive care unit, where he was diagnosed as a congenital vallecular cyst on a subsequent laryngoscopy after extubation failure. The cyst was aspirated and cauterized by the ENT team. The patient was successfully extubated without any signs of upper airway obstruction. In evaluating a child with signs and symptoms of upper airway obstruction, it is crucial to consider not only common causes like foreign body, acute epiglottitis, and croup, but also rare factors such as laryngeal cysts.

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Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences