Navigating autism treatment: Unlocking new frontiers with ChatGPT

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Paediatrics and Child Health


Autism Spectrum disorder is a significant neurodevelopmental behavioral disorder. Children with Autism display a wide array of ambiguous symptoms resulting making the diagnosis quite challenging thus resulting in delayed management. Traditionally, its diagnosis and management require the collaboration of services from the three P's namely the pediatrician, psychiatrist, and child psychologist. The management requires an intensive multi-disciplinary approach which would help minimize the disease symptoms and facilitate development and learning during childhood.Recently, with the advent of widespread testing and usage of various artificial intelligence tools across various domains, AI tools such as Chatbots are being incorporated into medical treatments, especially in behavioral therapy. Considering the increasing use of AI, we believe that the natural language processing techniques employed by ChatGPT algorithms have the potential to identify speech and linguistic patterns in children with ASD. Therefore, through this letter, we have tried to explore the scope of Artificial intelligence (ChatGPT) for behavioral therapy in children affected with autism spectrum disorder.


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International Journal of Neuroscience