Investigating experimental treatments for rhinitis: A state-of-the-art systematic review

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Paediatrics and Child Health


Background:Rhinitis is a common inflammatory condition that affects the nasal passages, significantly impacting quality of life and placing a considerable burden on healthcare systems. While traditional treatments offer limited relief, there is a growing interest in novel therapies. This systematic review aims to analyze investigational new treatments for rhinitis.
Methods: A search was conducted in, the World Health Organization International Clinical Trials Registry Platform, and the European Union Clinical Trials Register, as well as PubMed, Web of Science, and the Cochrane Library. Both ongoing and completed clinical trials exploring innovative therapies for rhinitis, including immunotherapy, probiotics, and stem cell therapy, were included.
Results: This systematic review compiled information from 74 clinical trials-51 completed and 23 ongoing-focused on new treatments for rhinitis. A significant portion of the completed studies (44) focused on various forms of immunotherapy, which showed potential for long-term effectiveness and had a high safety profile. Another seven completed trials investigated probiotics as a treatment method, yielding mixed results, though they did show promise in managing symptoms, particularly when combined with other treatments. The ongoing trials are primarily investigating immunotherapy, with a smaller number looking at probiotics and stem cell therapy. This shows a continued exploration of innovative and diverse therapies for managing rhinitis.
Conclusion: This study highlights the potential of emerging rhinitis therapies to improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life. Continued research is recommended for developing more effective, personalized, and targeted therapeutic strategies for rhinitis.


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