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Introduction: Seizures are common in the pediatric age group, occurring approximately 10% of children. Hypocalcemia is one of the most common metabolic causes of afebrile seizures. The objective of the study was to determine the frequency of hypocalcemic fits in children presenting with the first episode of afebrile seizures from 2 months to 2 years of age.
Methods: The study was conducted at the Aga Khan hospital Karachi and its three secondary hospitals including the following sites of Kharadar, Hyderabad, and garden. It was a cross-sectional study. The duration of the study was of 6 months from 18th July 2017 to 18th Jan. 2018. All patients who fulfill the inclusion criteria and visited the Pediatric medicine Department of Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi, and its secondary hospitals were included in the study after ethical approval and informed and written consent. A brief history was taken, clinical examination was done and serum calcium level was sent to the institutional laboratory to reach the outcome i.e. hypocalcemic fits.
Result: A total of 85 children presenting with the first episode of afebrile seizures were included. Total of 45 patients (52.98%) were males & 40 patients 2 (47.1%) were females with the mean age were 10.5824 ± 6.84907 months. The hypocalcemic fits were seen in 21 children (24.7%).
Discussion: Hypocalcemia is a common cause of afebrile fits in children. Inadequate sun exposure, early age, male gender, low weight, and illiteracy are major risk factors for hypocalcemia.

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