Addressing the endometriosis knowledge gap for improved clinical care-A cross-sectional pre- and post-educational-intervention study among Pakistani women

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Paediatrics and Child Health


This study explored the baseline knowledge and symptoms associated with endometriosis, educated women about endometriosis, and documented the improvement in endometriosis knowledge. A brief intervention with an educational brochure on endometriosis was administered among 303 female participants. A paired-sample t-test and one-way ANOVA were run to compute endometriosis knowledge scores. In total, 49.5% of the participants had consistent access to annual healthcare, 25.1% were healthcare workers, and 45.2% had an undergraduate education. The entire sample had a pre-test endometriosis knowledge score of 4.2 (SD = 2.48), and the score was 6.3 (SD = 2.3) on the post-test. One-way ANOVA yielded no significant improvement in knowledge scores across the groups with consistent and inconsistent access to annual healthcare, despite a significant overall increase in scores (t = 16.63, df = 302, p < 0.001). We identified a significant improvement in the knowledge concerning endometriosis. Educational strategies among women who are menstruating are essential for addressing diagnostic delays and bridging the endometriosis knowledge gap


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Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland)