Community mobilization and community incentivization (CoMIC) strategy for child health in a rural setting of Pakistan: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

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Paediatrics and Child Health; Centre of Excellence in Women and Child Health


Despite the decline in under-five mortality by over 60% in the last three decades, majority of child mortality is still attributable to communicable and infectious diseases that are not only preventable, but they are also treatable. We evaluated the potential impact of a participatory community engagement and innovative community incentivization (C3I) strategy for improving the coverage of child health interventions in a rural setting in Pakistan. We first undertook formative research to assess community knowledge and the likelihood of collective community strategy and conditional incentives for improving existing preventive and care-seeking practices for childhood diarrhea and pneumonia. We developed options for community incentivization and improving group practices, taking local norms and customs into account in the design of the community mobilization strategies and messages. These interventions were then formally evaluated prospectively in a three-arm cluster randomized controlled trial. Clusters were randomly assigned by a computer algorithm using restricted randomization by an external statistician (1:1:1) into three groups: community mobilization and incentivization (CMI); community mobilization only using an enhanced communication package (CM); and control group. The C3I was an innovative strategy as it involved serial incremental targets of collective improvement in community behavior related to improvement in the coverage of a composite indicator of fully immunized children (FIC), oral rehydration salt (ORS), and the sanitation index (SI). The evaluation was done by an independent data collection and analysis team at baseline and end line (after 24 months).


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