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ntrascrotal lesions are common findings with a majority occurring in paratesticular tissue. Fibrous pseudotumors are rare, benign lesions of the testicular tunics and present with mass lesion(s) in the scrotum. Preoperative clinical and radiological diagnosis is challenging. We report a case of a 34-year-old man who presented with a 3-year history of left testicular swelling and was advised left radical orchidectomy by another surgeon. Physical examination revealed a firm, nontender mass attached to the lower pole of the testis. Testicular tumor markers were all negative, and ultrasound scan showed a relatively hypoechoic lesion closely associated with the left testis and suspicious for neoplastic process. The patient underwent a testicular sparing surgery. An intraoperative frozen section biopsy confirmed the lesion to be benign and this was reported on permanent section to be fibrous pseudotumor of the tunica albuginea. We also present the clinical, sonographic, and histopathological findings of this condition along with the literature review.

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Case reports in surgery

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