Persistent fetal lobulation of kidney mimicking renal tumour

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Case Report


Radiology; Urology


Renal pseudotumour is a term coined to describe conditions of renal anatomic variants that simulate focal renal pathology like a tumour on ultrasonography. These include persistent fetal lobulation, hypertrophy of Bertin columns and dromedary humps. We report a case of a 30-year-old nulliparous woman who was managed in gynaecology clinic for menorrhagia and was subsequently referred to us for management of recurrent urinary tract infections. The clinical examination was normal and on ultrasound scan, she was found to have multiple enlarged heterogeneous solid masses in both kidneys with significantly increased vascularity, suspicious for neoplastic lesions. She subsequently underwent a CT urogram and her case was discussed in uro-radiology meeting where a diagnosis of persistent fetal lobulation was made excluding other diagnoses. She was managed conservatively. We also present grey scale and Doppler ultrasound and CT urogram findings of this condition along with the literature review.


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BMJ Case Report