Necrotizing fasciitis in neonates

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Surgery; Paediatric Surgery


Necrotizing fasciitis (NF) is a potentially life-threatening infection of soft tissues. It is characterized by rapid spread of inflammation and infection with widespread necrosis of fascia, subcutaneous tissues, and overlying skin. NF is usually reported in adults with preexisting medical conditions or compromised immune system. It is rare in neonates, and the reported mortality is close to 50% in this population. Less than 70 cases of neonatal NF are reported in literature, most in otherwise healthy neonates and usually attributed to omphalitis, mastitis, or postoperative wound infections. We report our experience of nine neonates who developed NF spontaneously (primary NF) and look at the etiology, clinical presentation, microbiology, management, and outcome.


Pediatric Surgery International