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Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery


Objective: To evaluate the usefulness and accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of parotid gland tumors.Methods: We reviewed files of all patients who underwent parotidectomy for various parotid pathologies at Aga Khan University Hospital. Study design included a comparison between results of preoperative FNAC with final histopathological diagnosis. Galen & Ganbino method was used to calculate sensitivity and specificity of FNAC.Results: Among 50 patients reviewed, there was one false positive and 3 false negative results reported on FNAC. This gives a sensitivity of FNAC for reporting malignancy to be 74% and specificity to rule out malignancy 97%. No significant complications were reported while performing the procedure.CONCLUSION: FNAC is a safe and effective modality in diagnosis and treatment planning of patients with parotid tumors.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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