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Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery


Tuberculosis (TB) accounts for the highest number of mortalities among infectious diseases worldwide. Laryngeal TB is an extremely rare presentation of TB. It has many similarities to laryngeal carcinoma, one of the three most common cancers among males in the city, with an age standardized rate of 8.6. The associated risk factors of laryngeal carcinoma i.e. smoking, paan, betel nut usage and alcohol use also tend to be concentrated in the same demographic background as that of TB, creating a diagnostic dilemma. We present a case of granulomatous laryngeal TB, in a 40 year old male, with characteristic presenting features of laryngeal carcinoma i.e. persistent hoarseness and weight loss. He had no associated symptoms of fever, night sweats, cough or dysphagia, nor did he have any history of tobacco or irritant use. There was no history of tuberculosis (TB) contact. He was initially worked up for laryngeal carcinoma; however laryngoscopic biopsy revealed laryngeal TB. We present this case to emphasize the point that although primary laryngeal tuberculosis is a rarity, it must not be overlooked as a possibility when evaluating dysphonia and/or considering laryngeal carcinoma.

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association