Knowledge & attitude regarding stem cells research and its applications among residents of a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan

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Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery; Medical College Pakistan


Objectives: The importance and potential of the use of stem cells as therapeutic tools is enormous and therefore, health professionals should be expected to have thorough knowledge and a positive attitude towards their utilization in medical practice. Hence this study was carried out to report and assess the knowledge and attitude regarding stem cell in our region.
Methodology: The study was conducted amongst the residents employed at the Aga Khan University hospital, Karachi Pakistan from September-October 2022 with a sample size of 57.
Results: Amongst our survey participants, 33 (54.2%) responded with a score of 48 and above (i.e., 60% or above); 25 (40.9%) of the study participants scored between 50-60% only 3 (4.9%) had a score 40-50.
Conclusions: Our survey shows a reasonable level of knowledge of the generic principles and implications Stem cell therapy amongst the residents.


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The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association