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Orthopaedic Surgery; Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Objective: To study the frequency of the thigh, hip and groin soft tissue sarcomas and retrospectively analyse the management, treatment results, and outcomes of these uncommon malignant tumours, in a tertiary care hospital of the city of Karachi.
Methodology: Data of soft tissue tumours registered from 2017-2018 was retrieved during January 2019 to March 2019 from Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi bone and soft tissue tumour registry. A retrospective review was performed and all soft tissue tumour cases treated with surgical intervention (with adjuvant /neoadjuvant therapy) or palliative intention were included.
Results: Total 119 cases of soft tissue tumours (STS) were identified out of which 85 were malignant cases (sarcomas) while 30 were benign. On presentation 84 (70.6%) were primary cases. On topographical distribution, there were 25 patients who had hip, groin and thigh sarcoma. Of these, 15 were males and 10 were females. As treatment, neo-adjuvant radiation was done in 4 (16%) patients and adjuvant chemo/radio therapy was given to 13 (52%) patients. Wide margin excision was performed in 19 (76%) patients and 4 (16%) had amputation. Reconstruction was offered to 3 (12%) patients. In post-surgical complications, 1 (4%) patient had wound infection. On final surgical histopathology, majority of the sarcomas were liposarcomas, myxofibrosarcoma, synovial sarcoma and Leiomyosarcoma. Post-surgery recurrence occurred in 7 (28%) patients. Overall survival was 76%.
Conclusions: In treatment of soft tissue sarcoma, limb salvage is an achievable option and survival results are also good.

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JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association