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Orthopaedic Surgery


Objective: To determine the functional outcomes in total hip arthroplasty with a dual mobility cup, performed in our hospital.
Methods: After receiving an exemption from the Ethics review committee of the hospital, data collection for audit was started in January 2019. Records from July 2016 to June 2018 were included. All patients who underwent total hip arthroplasty with dual mobility prosthesis without any age limit were included. A proforma was prepared to collect the required information. Data was entered and analyzed on SPSS v. 21.
Results: Two hundred and ten patients were included, 114 females and 96 males. Of the total, 188 patients underwent unilateral surgery while 22 had bilateral hip arthroplasty. The mean postoperative hospital stay was 5.91±3.9 days. . Mean pre-op Harris score was 33.7±7.6 and the post-op mean score was 75.9± 5.34. Eighty-three (39.5 %) patients had the neck of femur fracture, 31(14.8%) had osteoarthritis while 28(13.3%) had avascular necrosis. Post-surgery complications included, wound infection, surgical site haematoma, NSTEMI, and only one patient reported dislocation after use of dual mobility cup.
Conclusions: The dislocation rate which was the prime concern, has been reduced with the use of dual mobility implant in total hip arthroplasty patients.

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JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association