Ectopic thyroid mass separately present in mediastinum and not a retrosternal extension: A report of two cases

Abdul Ahad Sohail, Aga Khan University
Syed Shahabuddin, Aga Khan University
Moghira Siddiqui, Aga Khan University


Retrosternal extension of goiter is one of the most common types of masses in the superior mediastinum. These types of goiters classically present with compressive symptoms such as dyspnea, dysphonia, dysphagia, or sleep apnea. Surgical treatment with a total thyroidectomy and complete removal of the intrathoracic portion of thyroid is the gold standard treatment. These cervicomediastinal lesions at times may not be continuous, and a sternotomy may be required for complete and safe excision of the mediastinal mass to achieve decompression of the surrounding structures and preventing the hemorrhagic complications if attempted from cervical incision. We present a summary of two cases that gave an initial impression of retrosternal extension of thyroid gland, however intraoperatively were found to be separately encapsulated and required sternotomy for its safe and complete excision.