Long term follow up of cases of uveal effusion syndrome treated with partial thickness sclerectomies

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Ophthalmology; Surgery


Purpose: To report our experience with partial thickness sclerectomy in patients diagnosed as idiopathic uveal effusion syndrome.
Study Design: prospective quasi experimental
Place and duration of study: multicentre study, duration of study is five years
Material and methods: A prospective study conducted in multi centre hospitals including LRBT eye hospital, Medicare hospital and Myo hospital, Lahore, over the period of five years from January 2010 to august 2015.Total six eyes of four patients (two males and two females) with bilateral idiopathic uveal syndrome were included in study. The diagnosis was clinical confirmed on B scan ultrasonography which confirmed relatively short axial length, exudative retinal detachment and scleral thickening.
Results: All six (6) patients showed improvement clinically in visual acuity and in fundoscopy in term of retinal reattachment on B scan after partial thickness sclerectomies.
Conclusion: Partial thickness sclerectomy is treatment of choice for patients of uveal effusion syndrome. It didn’t respond to medical treatment.


Pakistan Journal of Ophthalmology