Intracranial metastasis of testicular germ cell tumours

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Brain metastasis from testicular germ cell tumour (TGCT) is rare and represents only 2% of metastatic brain tumours. Although TGCTs have a good survival rate, the prognosis of brain metastasis is poor. Due to the rarity of the diagnosis, there are limited studies on the topic and a standardized treatment protocol does not exist. Surgical management has long been considered a positive prognostic factor; however, recent studies have investigated the impact of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in these patients. Current literature suggests multiplicity of brain lesions and treatment with chemotherapy or radiotherapy alone can have a poor impact on the prognosis of the disease. However, studies with larger cohorts are required to understand and develop the optimal treatment protocol for patients with brain metastasis from TGCT

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The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association