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Background: The coronavirus disease-19 pandemic has aggravated the already neglected neurosurgical specialty in developing countries with a mounting shortage of specialists, long queues of operative patients, and a lack of adequate critical care units.
Methods: We have reviewed the innovative strategies adopted for maintaining an optimal surgical practice while ensuring team safety at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi Pakistan.
Results: There is already a scarcity of resources in developing countries. The international guidelines had to be tailored to the context of the developing world. A multimodal strategy that focused on infection control, continuum of care, and the well-being of staff was adopted at Aga Khan University. Patients were screened and seen either in person or through telemedicine, depending on the severity of the disease. All educational activities for residents were shifted online, and this helped in preventing overcrowding.
Conclusion: Optimal surgical practice while ensuring team safety can be achieved through a multimodal strategy focusing on infection control, continuum of care, and the well-being of staff.


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Surgical Neurology International

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