Isolated tuberculosis of C2 spinous process

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Background context: Isolated tuberculosis (TB) of posterior elements is extremely rare. Only few cases are reported in literature but none described isolated spinous process involvement in the absence of disease process in any other part of the body.
Purpose: The authors report a case of isolated tuberculous involvement of C2 spinous process, which to the best of our knowledge, is first such case report.
Study design: A case report of isolated C2 spinous process TB.
Methods: Sixteen-year-old girl presented with two-month history of slow growing, painless lump at the back of her neck without any other symptoms. X-ray showed erosion of C2 spinous process. MRI also suggested an abscess.
Results: Patient underwent incision and drainage of abscess and debridement of involved bone. Cultures and histopathology confirmed TB. Patient responded to antituberculous therapy.
Conclusion: Posterior element TB is a rare condition but in countries where TB is common, its possibility should always be considered. Isolated TB of parts of posterior elements can occur in absence of disease elsewhere.

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The Spine Journal